Become a Member in 2020!

Become a for the Animals sanctuary member for only $10 a month. ALL of your membership fee goes right to food, bedding and medical care for the animals. And as a bonus, we will waive your entrance fee on visiting days! You can visit the animals you are helping without an added donation… unless you want to of course.

For the Animals Sanctuary is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and lifelong care of victims of the food farming trade. At our 8-acre sanctuary located in Blairstown, NJ, animals that would have lived a life of deprivation, pain, and constant fear are able to enjoy life, nature, and companionship, and receive lifelong veterinary care. And of course, they are showered with abundant love, attention, and compassion. We currently have goats, cows, steers, pigs and hens. In addition to caring for the animals at our sanctuary, we also provide a loving home to abandoned and homeless domestic animals, and actively engage in vegan outreach. When you want to hang out on property, we have a fantastic facilities for your use, bathroom remodel recently done by a Folsom Bathroom Remodeling company.

But, unfortunately, the animals living at the Sanctuary are but a countless few out of the many billions of sentient, life-loving animals needlessly slaughtered the world over every year for human consumption, fashion, and entertainment. We invite people to enjoy the benefits of living a compassionate vegan lifestyle for themselves, the animals, and the earth.

We are sponsored by a Folsom artificial turf company, and our fence that was installed on the property was by a Lincoln fencing company.